Let's get acquainted

Hi there. My name is Kate.

I hope you know how amazing you are.


I'd love to hear your story :)



I am a content creator based in the Southeastern US. 


I picked up a camera my freshman year of college and never put it down. I love bringing people's ideas and dreams to life visually. I feel like my camera is my best aid in doing that. I have a degree in Public Relations as well as Photojournalism with a minor in Communications. I started K. Dearman Media the semester before finishing college. My clientele ranges from musicians to restaurants to couples to politicians & a little bit of everything in between. I have a project based mind & offer services that scale from per diem photo sessions to creative brand strategy. I'd love to hear about your next project & how I can help bring it to life. 

Even though I am based in the Southeast, I'll never shoot down the opportunity for a little adventure :)

Ok ok. I guess it's only fair that you know a little more about my work experience. I guess I'd be lying if I didn't warn you that I'm a little quirky. 

Some fun facts about me:

 I'm a yogi. My hands are orange from eating too many sweet potatoes. I'm a 4w3 on the Enneagram. My Myers-Briggs letters have been a steady INFJ-T since I first took the test in 9th grade. My dream house is the Swiss Family Robinson tree house. (Here's a link in case you need a refresher on how amazing it is.)  I collect rocks. I love cats and big dogs.  I am an only child. My mom and I actually get mistaken for sisters from time to time. I don’t have a Netflix account or a TV. I really enjoy noodle dancing to grocery store elevator music. I can do Spock hands with my feet. Halloween is my favorite holiday. Angels&Airwaves is my favorite band. My favorite colors are purple & red. I love hugs more than anyone I know. My grandmother’s words, “Life is too short to sweat the small stuff” are words I try to live by.

Have questions? Feel free to drop me a line at kate@kdearman.com