Rachel Mckellar Senior Portraits

Ok. I lied.

I am still going to blog some. Still no Facebook or Instagram. (woohoo!) but I am still gonna post a thing or two here for the next month. 

These photos from yesterday's senior portrait session with Rachel Mckellar made me way too happy to not share. 

First off, Rachel is a rockstar. She is one of those girls who you meet and instantly think, "Wow. This girl is just awesome."

She has a heart for adventure and a love for Lord of the Rings. (aka: she is my kind of girl)

Did I mention that she is drop dead gorgeous yet? 

Yesterday, we went on an adventure.

We walked through trails, got in a lake, climbed trees and sneaked into her older brother's room to use the light from his windows - all to get some pretty rad photographs.

Here are some of my favs.

Kathleen A DearmanComment