Meet Bryson + Rachel - the most adventurous couple I have ever photographed.

Meet Bryson and Rachel.

These two are adventurers, and I am always down for a good adventure.

So, when they asked me if I would be willing to get in a car with them and drive hours to the middle of nowhere with them to hike into the wilderness for their engagement photos, I knew we were going to quickly become best friends.

Yes, we drove hours to the Sipsey Wilderness in North Alabama for one photo shoot and then came right home.

Yes, we talked about life.

Yes, I drank way too much coffee yesterday.

Yes, we listened to Mayday Parade, Escape the Fate, Senses Fail and other middle school MySpace favorites the whole ride home.

Yes, we hiked a lot. 

Yes, we missed a few turns.

Yes, we talked extensively about the Myers-Brigg personality types.

Yes, yesterday was pretty much perfect.

Thank you, Bryson and Rachel. You rock.