Life lessons learned through the eyes of Nita Dearman

Tomorrow marks three years since my grandmother's death.  Even though it has been three years, sometimes it feels like yesterday since she left. This whole week, I have recalled countless memories and life lessons she taught me while she was still here.

The way she handled frustrations with other people will always stick out in my mind.

She had a 3-step plan for dealing with persons she was frustrated with - 

First, she told me to put myself in that person's shoes and then re-evaluate whether or not I was frustrated.

Then based on the results of that evaluation, proceed with one of the following:

1. If was no longer frustrated, make a list of all the reasons I am thankful for the person I was frustrated with.

2. If I was still frustrated, make a list of all the reasons I am thankful for the person I am frustrated with.

She told me to look over the list of reasons I am thankful for that person and remember that no matter what is going on right now, the good things in that person are not cancelled out by current circumstances.

Her final step consisted of two parts.

1. Save the list

2. Give the list to the person it's about on a day when he or she needs to hear how valued he or she is

Get upset when you have a right to be upset, but don't let frustration erase the good things you know to be true about a person.

August 9th will never be an easy day, but I am blessed to have 18 years of memories stored away with my precious grandmother. 

Tomorrow, I am off to our favorite spot, the Fairhope Pier.

Even though she is gone, her legacy lives on with everyone who knew her.

I am honored to take her memory and life lessons with me everywhere I go.