Why this project?

I want girls to know they are beautiful. Each girl I have photographed so far is unique and beautiful in her own way.  My goal is for girls to look at their faces in the mirror and see the same beauty as I see when I photograph them.

Hasn’t this been done before?

Yes, yes it has. My goal with this project is not to be edgy or unique. My goal is to send a message – a message to girls that with or without makeup, they are beautiful. I concede that the idea is not original—it was never intended to be. I would also like to point out that even though this message has been told to girls before, I hear few saying they wake up everyday believing the words, “you are beautiful just as you are.”  This is the prime reason I want to do this. Who cares how many times a message has been sent out? Until the message is believed, the words haven’t finished their work.

Is this an inner beauty campaign/project/theme? (I’m trying to cover the many ways this question has been phrased.)

In short, no. Is inner beauty important? Yes! Of course. Please don’t hear me saying its not.  Does each girl possess personality characteristics that make her beautiful? Yes. Is the goal of this project to display a woman’s inner beauty? No. My goal for this project is for girls to come to know and appreciate how incredible and beautiful their physical beings are.  I want girls to look in a mirror and see a breathtaking creation that is capable of incredible things. You were given a physical being by a Creator for a reason. I believe our physical bodies are a gift to be stewarded and cherished. I want girls to love their physical self and hear that it is beautiful just as much as they hear about their inner beauty.

Why does this matter so much to you?

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